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I am 42 year old wife and mother of 4, I enjoy decorating , cutting hair, gardening(horticulture), cooking, art(all different mediums). I have my cosmetology license, attended college for art, and taught faux finishing for about 14years as well as fauxed peoples homes and furniture. I worked for 3 interior buisnesses, and after faux finishing for the 1st and 2cnd one, I apprenticed for "Still Water Gallery", where I developed a great sense of design, and begin studing and reading anything to do with the field. It was there I assisted the head designer, and developed a clientle, and later lead me to "Maggies Place", where I was a consultant for 2 years. I have rescently gone on my own, and have my faithful clients, but I have enjoyed staying at home with my kids, and participating in there activites. I have met Candice Olsen, and my mentor Betty Lou Phillips, who is an amazing designer specializing in french design, and has written many books. I hope that some day I can do something else creative, and continue to help others make there spaces a comfortable retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I havent posted anything for quite some time, but summer has our family busy and full of activities. One of mine is redecorating my daughters room. I had fought it for approxiamately 3 years, and finally caved into the fact that she is turning into a young woman. Her choice of purple threw me for quite a loop...not that I dont like it, however, I have only small accents of it in the loft off of her bedroom and nowhere else.... Hmmmmm, had me thinking for awhile.

Well after much debating and lots of browsing ideas...I believe we have come to a happy agreement! :)
Packing up all of her "Shabby Chic" and ridding of pinks, blues and sea mist greens, I was fortunate enough to come across a client and friend that was more then happy to purchase the linens, blankets and treasured finds~
A great fabric source of mine happened to have some FABULOUS purple mohair left over from a rather intresting client... ( famous basketball player), which got my juices flowing, 3 yards of this and some beautiful Scalamandre lavendar velvet and I am on my way to the finish line!
I admit I have been doing this a little backwards, being that the lamps and some of the accessories were the first to be found and purchased...but this really put all into place.
My daughters few request were zebra rug and purple..... I agreed with her as long a we could make it elegant and European feeling~ So let me bring you along on our journey.. however long it might take! I will post the beginnings of our finds~ Hope you will enjoy!

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