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I am 42 year old wife and mother of 4, I enjoy decorating , cutting hair, gardening(horticulture), cooking, art(all different mediums). I have my cosmetology license, attended college for art, and taught faux finishing for about 14years as well as fauxed peoples homes and furniture. I worked for 3 interior buisnesses, and after faux finishing for the 1st and 2cnd one, I apprenticed for "Still Water Gallery", where I developed a great sense of design, and begin studing and reading anything to do with the field. It was there I assisted the head designer, and developed a clientle, and later lead me to "Maggies Place", where I was a consultant for 2 years. I have rescently gone on my own, and have my faithful clients, but I have enjoyed staying at home with my kids, and participating in there activites. I have met Candice Olsen, and my mentor Betty Lou Phillips, who is an amazing designer specializing in french design, and has written many books. I hope that some day I can do something else creative, and continue to help others make there spaces a comfortable retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Friday, January 29, 2010

This is a picture of myself and Betty Lou Phillips, one of my favorite decorators! I had the great fortune of meeting her a few years back at "Le Tissue Colbert" she was so sweet, and it was so nice to talk to her. She is a fabulous designer and author, and she inspires me all the time! :)

Just had to post a pic of my 2cnd oldest son who is currently taking modeling and acting class in Chicago. He has been picked up by an agency rescently~ :)

One of our 2 papillions~
Bella Mia, peeking out from my daughters pillows~

my modest kitchen~
When we purchased the home, it was VERY basic, my husband added some trim and glass windows, I fauxed the cabinets with several layers of color, the counters were switched out for maple and granite at the breakfast bar, I salvaged a few old chairs for feet beneath, added some new knobs and now I have a homey space to cook in~

Apothacary jars in my kitchen that I seasonally decorated~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One of MANY homes that my husband built and I painted~
They are happily located all over Illinois and the United States in many gardens~ :)

a friendly inhabitant of our Old English bird house~

and of course the ever dependable daffodil for Spring cheer~

One of my favorite flowers! Helleborus~
Which is been so wonderful to grow!

One of the many decorating sales over the Spring and Summer, located in my back yard~

Grand opening of "Walter E. Smith" in Vernon Hills~ Candice was as nice as could be!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My collection of Turkish pots, and the mirror that I fauxed when i worked at a gallery in Naperville some years back~

My secret garden entrance, still covered in star clematis from the spring and summer~

salvaged carved plaques repurposed for art in my hallway~

darling vintage french clock purchased at a flea market~

cornices I designed, my husband made, I fauxed, and a french aubusson rug that I cut up and trimmed out along with country white panels beneath~

botanicals from the 1800's displayed in weathered frames with embossed leaf matting~

My precious papillion Bella Mia resting on one of my diminutive wing chairs used in our kitchen~

Yes I only paid $3- for this FABULOUS plate holde....I found it in a ditch at a garage sale, and negotiated the price! ;) How delicious!

vintage french barometer~

another image of playhouse from inside my home~

copper turkish mold used for decorations~

handcrafted box in my kitchen which displays hand painted french creamers, and inside box, daughters colored bands, wine tags, and corn knobs~

Kitchen bovine with a french award plaque beneath, dating from the year I was born~

5 dollar chair, auction find.... My husband and I got creative and designed and made a basket stand for my kitchen.

My childrens playhouse which my husband labored over for months. I have adopted it as my new get away in the summer, with all 5 windows open, it makes for a very relaxing breezy retreat~
Sons armoire, 1920's french design from Argentina~

1920's guest bed which was purchased from a dealer in France~

military amo boxes which house my boys legos and other small toys~

Salvaged Black Forest piece~

Boys shadow box collection of bug from Thailand~

My boys walk in closet, which also houses many of there military collection from earlier years~

French antique chair used by one of my sons for his computer~

black forest plaques and antiques adorn my sons English retreat~

My bedroom which has since changed, but the venitian plaster will always it!

my bathroom, and fauxed walls done in plaster of paris roses, and layered fresco stenciling~

auction find turned into vanity~

bathroom ceiling in boys bathroom~

thrift find~