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I am 42 year old wife and mother of 4, I enjoy decorating , cutting hair, gardening(horticulture), cooking, art(all different mediums). I have my cosmetology license, attended college for art, and taught faux finishing for about 14years as well as fauxed peoples homes and furniture. I worked for 3 interior buisnesses, and after faux finishing for the 1st and 2cnd one, I apprenticed for "Still Water Gallery", where I developed a great sense of design, and begin studing and reading anything to do with the field. It was there I assisted the head designer, and developed a clientle, and later lead me to "Maggies Place", where I was a consultant for 2 years. I have rescently gone on my own, and have my faithful clients, but I have enjoyed staying at home with my kids, and participating in there activites. I have met Candice Olsen, and my mentor Betty Lou Phillips, who is an amazing designer specializing in french design, and has written many books. I hope that some day I can do something else creative, and continue to help others make there spaces a comfortable retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lets Begin~

Now that you have compiled some pics from magazines, and chosen some books that best describe your style, lets begin.

I find that if you determine what room in your home is the hub for everyone, and start at that point, the other rooms will fall into place nicely once you have completed this area.

Remember I had told you inspiration usually comes from art, a rug, or fabric? Well if you do not already have this to start with, go out and get that great rug, or purchase that awesome chair that really makes you smile, or find that piece of art that speaks to your soul, or just makes you happy! Now from this point, take a picture of the item you have been inspired to start with, and bring that with you to the paint store, and I would suggest that any color chip you choose, should stay light to medium in color, and also remember that you will have to live with this day in and day out, so choose colors, that you will not tire of. I am not opposed to color in fact on the contrary, however I like to keep more bold or saturated color to the powder room, bathroom, or bedrooms, this way you can enjoy them, but not be with them constantly.

If you have chosen a neurtral rug, remember that there are many shades of beiges, whites and creams. It is a good idea to refer to your magazines and books again to see the application of color in a main room. Another couple of good tips are to go to Benjamin Moore web site, and put in pics of your room, and apply the colors you have chosen to see how they might look , remember, this is not 100% accurate, but it does give you a good idea. If you would like a more realistic representation of this, by a large core board, or drywall piece, and purchase a quart of your chosen paints, then paint those surfaces, and set them in the area you are going to paint(setting on a fireplace mantle is a good area) and view this from day until evening watching how the light affects the color, and see if it still works for you.

Just a note: If you have chosen an area rug for your inspiration piece, do remember that larger is better... You dont want too small of a rug leaving your furniture floating....chose something that will define the area of furniture and make it feel grounded, the legs of most of the pieces, should at least touch the rug. Also remember that a rug can be angled , and does not need to stay in line with the room, this adds for more interest. Okay, that's quite a lot to try to tackle, so take your time, and have fun, and I will write more soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Determining Your Style~

Sometimes choosing a style is the hardest thing to determine, however I have found that for my clients, a simple question or two usually can be a helpful tool in this process.

It's a good idea if you have absolutely no clue at all; to take a field trip to the book store, pickup several appealing decorating magazines and thumb through to see if the general mood is one that evokes a sense of comfort to you, and is something you feel would fit your life style. If magazines are not helping you determine this, go to the decorating book section, and do the same. I find that if a client can keep a folder with ideas in it, such as color chips from the paint store, and magazine cut outs, that is a good basis for following a path. If you have a favorite piece of art, or a great rug or fabric with a range of colors, this can also help make a statement in determining the rest of the rooms. If your life style is laid back & uncomplicated, maybe country or contemporary can work for you. The casual feel of country pieces, make for a cozy and enjoyable setting, on the other hand, contemporary can also do this. The clean lines and up to date crispness of contemporary, usually paired with less clutter, can make for a no fuss look, that keeps everyday living more calming. Take the time to do these first steps, and you will be well on your way to making your home your personal story!

Getting Started & Picking Your Style~

How exciting! I am now one of millions of people sharing there personal view on whatever there expertise may be! Mine happens to be decorating, and I do love to decorate!!! I have found that European has proved to be the most classic, and one my heart stays close to. In using the basics of European design, it is easy to add your personal flair, and not blow the budget, or find yourself changing every six months~ This is all new to me, so I will do my best to bring you the most informative ideas, to help you to make your space(s) a wonderful haven for your everyday!!!