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I am 42 year old wife and mother of 4, I enjoy decorating , cutting hair, gardening(horticulture), cooking, art(all different mediums). I have my cosmetology license, attended college for art, and taught faux finishing for about 14years as well as fauxed peoples homes and furniture. I worked for 3 interior buisnesses, and after faux finishing for the 1st and 2cnd one, I apprenticed for "Still Water Gallery", where I developed a great sense of design, and begin studing and reading anything to do with the field. It was there I assisted the head designer, and developed a clientle, and later lead me to "Maggies Place", where I was a consultant for 2 years. I have rescently gone on my own, and have my faithful clients, but I have enjoyed staying at home with my kids, and participating in there activites. I have met Candice Olsen, and my mentor Betty Lou Phillips, who is an amazing designer specializing in french design, and has written many books. I hope that some day I can do something else creative, and continue to help others make there spaces a comfortable retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Monday, March 15, 2010

when organizing drawers such as night stands and bureaus, look for leather boxes with compartments or pretty linings to set inside and establish areas for change, paper notes, extra cards ( credit ect.) and lip chap~ That way when opening the drawer, there is some order and ability to easily see the contents... this makes for a clean and orderly it makes you feel good~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where you live, how you live, and who you hang out with...all these things set your mood, how you act in life, and how you feel each day~ Decorating your home in a comforting way, surrounding your self with people you love, and keeping your heart and mind positive makes for a life well lived~ My tip for the day